Diamond Bourse in Italy

Borsa 1927 Borsa Diamanti d'Italia has been founded on December 2, 1926 and is currently housed in via Mazzini nr.10, Milano, close to the famous Duomo gothic Cathedral.

The objective of Borsa Diamanti d'Italia is to foster and promote the interests and development of the diamond, precious stone and related jewellery industries in Italy and encourage and maintain just and equitable principles of trade in diamonds, precious stones and related jewellery amongst its members and to eliminate abuses and unfair trade practices in relation to such trade and provide arbitration tribunal to settle differences and controversies.

Borsa Diamanti d'Italia is managed by a Board of Director formed of 9 members elected during the General Assembly hold every four years.

The Board of Directors compiles and enforces the inner rules that take into consideration the rights and duties of its members.

Our statute provides:

Effective members: they have title to vote for the election of the President, the Board of Director, to participate to the General Assembly and all the meeting, to approve the balance sheet and express their opinion in all the matters concerning the ordinary and extraordinary Assembly.

Contrattazione BorsaIn order to become a member, the candidate have to be introduced by three members with al least one year of good standing membership.

A member is untitled to apply for the WFDB personalized mark.

Qualified retail selling point (PVQ): title recognized to jewelry shops with proven experience in the field and attended gemological courses.
The Qualified retail selling point doesn't have the right to vote and participate to the General Assembly and, of course, is not eligible for the Directory Board's office.

A Qualified retail selling point cannot apply for the personalized WFDB mark.

Borsa Diamanti d'Italia became a member of World Federation of Diamond Bourse (WFDB) in 1954.
At the present time there are, all over the world, 30 diamond exchanges affiliated to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.
Every two years one of the above mentioned bourses organizes the World Diamond Congress where all affiliated bourses discuss and decide about all the matters on the agenda. During these meetings, the affiliated bourses proceed to the election of the President and Board of Director of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

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